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7 Vaginal Odors Every Woman Needs to Know AboutYou Asked It: Why Does My Vagina Smell?


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You smell like fish for these reasons

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Why do girls have smelly vaginas

Tinny If your vagina's scent du jour is vaguely metallic during your period, it's chill. For example, it's super normal for an intense spin class to make you mustier than usual, thanks to moisture released by sweat glands near your hoo-ha, says women's health expert Dr. No matter how bad you feel, she probably feels worse. Douches throw your vaginal biome out of balance, and can cause irritation and infections—which will not only feel uncomfortable, but ultimately make your vagina smell worse! Instead, use gentle, fragrance-free soap on the outside of your genital area where your pubic hair is and just let water run over the rest of it. Start by seeing a general practitioner who GP can evaluate her from head to toe, or a gynaecologist trained to address problems linked to the female reproductive health system. But when this fluid contacts the abundance of vaginal bacteria on your vulva, it can produce a pungent aroma. Trichomoniasis has many of the same symptoms as BV, but you may also notice some green discharge. Whatever the case, she needs to visit a doctor so she can be properly evaluated and treated. Why do girls have smelly vaginas

Why do girls have smelly vaginas

Why do girls have smelly vaginas

Why do girls have smelly vaginas

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  1. Newsletter Molasses to Pennies: This is usually due to vaginal dryness or vigorous sex that can cause small cuts or scrapes. When she's not working or working out, you'll find her honeymooning with her husband and Instagramming away.

  2. For some women, BV is difficult to eliminate and yet the smell is quite intense. Reasons for a coppery odor Blood. That's because any out-of-the-ordinary or intolerable change could signal an infection, according to ACOG.

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