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12 Tips for First-Time Anal SexXVIDEOS.COM


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How to Have Anal Sex

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Anal sex timer

Is there a big cleanup afterward? It's all about what is comfortable for you. It also hurts less because you're not as tense and nervous if you liked it the first time, that is! Never say never. I actually liked it. Lube will also prevent painful tugging and tearing of the skin. Use a Condom To minimize the risk of infection, be sure to clean your genitals before and after engaging in anal sex. But it can be great! It feels like you're full and it's super-intense. I've done it with a few guys and it's always been a mutual desire. Anal sex timer

Anal sex timer

Anal sex timer

Anal sex timer

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  1. Advertisement Unterberger assured her that she shouldn't worry; her man still lived for her vagina, though he was kind of a douche for not asking before going for her back door.

  2. It's weird. The guy I'm with is not really into it, which is part of the reason I've only done it three times.

  3. I've done it with a few guys and it's always been a mutual desire. Lather Up "Many women's fear of first-time anal sex stems from a fear of what goes on back there naturally and how that's going to play into the action.

  4. Engage in Plenty of Foreplay One of the best ways to ease into anal sex is to be plenty aroused beforehand. Condoms still, obviously, right? I'm just not sure.

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