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Top 15 Unmistakable Signs That A Taurus Man Likes YouFour Signs a Taurus Man Likes You


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Taurus Man Likes or Loves You? Tips on How to Tell

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How to tell if a taurus guy likes you

Your forearms are fire! If he seems a little put out that you're paying attention to someone else, chances are good that he's into you. Taurus men are generally confident and are not easily shaken…unless his crush comes in and shakes up his world, at which time he may momentarily show signs of being nervous and unsure of how to act around you. On the positive side, this is, ironically, a sign that he really likes you. This is one move that can definitely lead to more! He will be focused on developing a lasting relationship and a strong foundation for the future. Few things could be more fun, right? How to tell if a taurus guy likes you

How to tell if a taurus guy likes you

How to tell if a taurus guy likes you

How to tell if a taurus guy likes you

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4 thoughts on “Four signs a Taurus man likes you

  1. Yes, Taurus guys can be really confusing, which is why I recommend you to download my 30 dirty little secrets about your Taurus man. Although he is not as outrageously passionate or forthcoming as some others, the Taurus man is one for keeps if you can be patient with him. By looking a little deeper into the way he looks at you can reveal so much about your Taurus guys feelings and intentions toward you.

  2. So, you can be sure that if he starts surprising you, or makes unexpected visits, then that means he gets out of his comfort zone. Tauruses do this for themselves, which is why if a Taurus man is attracted to you, rest assured that he will make you a part of this indulgence. He will give advice all day long, but taking it is another story.

  3. A sign a Taurus man likes you is by how much physical affection and sensuality he shares with you. That's why, when a Taurus man likes you, you'll see their most dramatic side when trying to watch out for you, and perhaps you might perceive them as too controlling and territorial. If this fellow is romantically interested in you, he'll spend considerable time getting to know you.

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