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Idf wikipedia

Many people who are "unfit" or "unqualified", either mentally or physically, are also exempt. Although Ben-Gurion had no legal authority to issue such an order, the order was made legal by the cabinet on 31 May. The same order called for the disbandment of all other Jewish armed forces. Main articles: Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein said that the signatories had "done a great service to haters of Israel. From to , 9. Affair, [35] a lieutenant of the unit refused on principle to give the green light for the attack. We shall no longer take part in the deprivation of basic human rights from millions of Palestinians. As such, the court ruled, their action strayed from the norms of classic conscientious objection into the realm of civil disobedience" Haaretz. Idf wikipedia

Idf wikipedia

Idf wikipedia

Idf wikipedia

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  1. Directorates and corps were created from corps and services in the Haganah, and this basic structure in the IDF still exists today. He reports directly to the Defense Minister and indirectly to the Prime Minister of Israel and the cabinet. A petition, delivered to Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Defense Minister Ariel Sharon was signed by 3, reservists, some of whom were court martialed and served time in military prison for refusing to obey orders.

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