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Beyond Mexico's Oscar darlings, here are three Mexican filmmakers you need to knowThe 100 best Mexican Movies


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Mexican hot movies

El Mariachi Director Robert Rodriguez is better known for his collaborations with Quentin Tarantino, but it was his first major film that got him noticed in the first place. As the road unwinds and the travelers share their histories and secrets, the land itself, at first only glimpsed in blurred bits and pieces, begins to transform into a palpable presence, almost another character, mysterious, tragic, as weighted with wonder as it is littered with reality. As expected, it is rated R for the violence, foul language, and sexuality. It begins with a car chase that culminates with a terrible car accident involving 3 different vehicles. Mexican hot movies

Mexican hot movies

Mexican hot movies

Mexican hot movies

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  1. There's nothing prurient about either bedroom romp, though for American viewers the juicy eroticism in each film, and the ease with which the actors throw themselves into such intimacy, only underscores the desiccated puritanism of our own movies. It is a comedy, so if you are looking to laugh a little bit this might be the best movie for you. It is a fantastic film with plenty of drama and even some love interests.

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