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Snakes on a Plane – how the hell did it happen?Snakes on a Plane


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The man blocked the woman in the plane's toilet and he threatened her

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Snakes on a plane toilet scene

Snakes on crack. His deadline: During World War Two, nearby Guam hosted planes and other equipment that had been spread out over the Pacific; Indonesian brown tree snakes crawled inside them. The villain releases a bunch of motherfucking snakes onto a single motherfucking plane to catch one kid who may have been the witness to the murder he committed. Both the 'doctor' and 'pilot' variations of this question are asked in the film; unfortunately, the doctor had already been killed by the snakes when they had a chance to ask the question, and the only 'pilot' had only 'flown' on a flight simulator before now. Many snakes slither through a plane snapping at each other, shorting out equipment and coming near people. Numerous passengers, the pilot, and Agent Sanders are killed. Steven Price Todd Louiso , who asks Flynn to gather the dead snakes so Flynn can describe them to Price and Price can identify the snakes and therefore the antivenom needed. Snakes on a plane toilet scene

Snakes on a plane toilet scene

Snakes on a plane toilet scene

Snakes on a plane toilet scene

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  1. Snakes on a Plane is a bad film. Two of the flight attendants overhear the snakes attacking them and think it's just really aggressive foreplay.

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