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Self-Help Kit Gives Women Control of Their AbortionsWhat Is Menstrual Extraction?


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Termination of pregnancy with the manual vacuum aspirator

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How to make a menstrual extraction kit

Nothing is without risk. Natural Liberty: She was unable to transport the woman to the hospital due to road conditions and the ambulance was unable to get through for the same reason. The contents of the uterus are gently sucked out, there is no cutting or scraping of the uterine wall necessary. Out of this work they evolved the technology for removing a woman's flow, on a monthly basis or less often, and called it menstrual extraction. Now, is this a good idea? How to make a menstrual extraction kit

How to make a menstrual extraction kit

How to make a menstrual extraction kit

How to make a menstrual extraction kit

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  1. But among the critics of self-help abortion have been other pro-choice groups, including Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation, who argue that the lay use of menstrual extraction devices is unsafe and politically unwise.

  2. They called new technique "menstrual extraction" or "ME" to highlight its harmless use in suctioning out menstrual blood and tissue.

  3. Rothman founded are still around today in certain places , you should also consider other ways to make your period more convenient, such as birth control pills, IUD, or of course, comfortable and leakproof period panties. It can be used as a life saving technique as documented by one midwife who found herself in the middle of a severe winter storm with a client who had just miscarried and was bleeding heavily. It can be done in comfortable surroundings, often in the woman's home.

  4. The group found that menstrual extraction was not difficult to learn and that the introduction of a sterile four-millimeter cannula into the uterus was not traumatic because it did not require that the cervix be dilated.

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