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10 yoga poses that are known to boost metabolism and help you lose the extra weightmindbodygreen


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This Yoga Routine Will Boost Your Metabolism!

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Yoga asanas for increasing metabolism

Dancer pose is just one yoga pose that you need to feel lighter, happier, and more open. Reduces stress, improves blood circulation and improves digestion. Tuck your toes and place your palms on your sacrum fingers face up or down, whichever feels better. Whether it is about enriching the metabolism systems or draining out excessive weight, all the 9 Yoga Poses have been so far the very best and helpful. Poses to increase metabolism: Yoga asanas for increasing metabolism

Yoga asanas for increasing metabolism

Yoga asanas for increasing metabolism

Yoga asanas for increasing metabolism

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  1. This spinal and hip stretch opens up the front of your body, stretches the front of the throat, activating and stimulating the thyroid gland.

  2. While there is a tendency to slump while in this pose, holding on and keeping your head and neck aligned will help you reap maximum benefits.

  3. Combining a yoga practice with meditation helps improve self-awareness and self-reflection, reduce stress and promote equanimity. Go above 45 minutes and you might needlessly exhaust your body.

  4. Step right foot between hands. Your thyroid makes the hormones that regulate your metabolism.

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