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Partied too hard? Here are 5 ways to undo an overindulgent weekend9 Ways To Detox After A Big Night


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11 Awesome and Easy Tips for Alcohol Detox at Home

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How to detox after drinking

The claims that oxygen relieves hangover symptoms are sketchy at best remember oxygen bars? So eat some of that, too. Universal Pictures Over-indulged? Eat eggs for breakfast. Try adding asparagus to a small omelet. How to detox after drinking

How to detox after drinking

How to detox after drinking

How to detox after drinking

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  1. Check the label. How you can get back on track after a boozy weekend Give your liver a rest.

  2. Avoid alcohol Ideally we consume alcohol in moderation, even at parties. Hydrate well Provide your liver with the fluid it needs to eliminate and detoxify. Traditional treatment will offer you supportive therapy that will help prepare you for returning to everyday life and drinking temptations.

  3. Since the body uses alcohol as a source of fuel in preference to other food sources while alcohol is still floating around in the system, it will store anything else you eat during this time as body fat.

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