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INTJ = Perfection

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Intj humanmetrics

For instance, if you are an expressed introvert and your job requires frequent, prolonged social interaction, it can make for a very frustrating situation that may lead to burnout. Learn how and when to remove this template message A diagram of the cognitive functions of each type. The Tertiary function is less developed than the Dominant and Auxiliary, but it matures over time, rounding out the person's abilities. They are not generally susceptible to catchphrases and do not readily accept authority based on tradition, rank, or title. Indeed, the INTJ is not overly demonstrative of their affections, and is likely to not give as much praise or positive support as others may need or desire. However, their primary interest is not understanding a concept, but rather applying that concept in a useful way. They tend to be pragmatic , logical , and creative. Seeking to protect what is familiar, Si draws upon history to form goals and expectations about what will happen in the future. Intj humanmetrics

Intj humanmetrics

Intj humanmetrics

Intj humanmetrics

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  1. As other inferior functions, it has only a rudimentary awareness of context, amount or degree. Introverted intuition Ni [ edit ] Attracted to symbolic actions or devices, Ni synthesizes seeming paradoxes to create the previously unimagined.

  2. Ti examines all sides of an issue, looking to solve problems while minimizing effort and risk. Statistics[ edit ] In her PhD dissertation, C.

  3. In practice, emotional considerations and history are hugely influential, and a weak point for INTJs is that they brand these factors and those who embrace them as illogical, dismissing them and considering their proponents to be stuck in some baser mode of thought, making it all but impossible to be heard. It is not easy for the INTJ to express their internal images, insights, and abstractions. People of this type are perfectionists, with a seemingly endless capacity for improving upon anything that takes their interest.

  4. High Self-Confidence — INTJs trust their rationalism above all else, so when they come to a conclusion, they have no reason to doubt their findings. This process sometimes evokes the feelings associated with memory as if the subject were reliving it.

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