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Real women orgasm tumblr

So how are we to make sense of this most mysterious of sexual dysfunctions? During orgasm, respiration rate also shows variable changes but there is a consistent experience of hyperventilation during orgasm where rates of around 40 breaths per minute are not uncommon. More specifically, there is a predictable albeit short lived rise in both heart rate and blood pressure that begins shortly before sexual climax starts. Similar responses develop in men who are making a woman come and in men when woman brings a man off or when a woman makes a man come. And within the vagina itself is an area known as the G spot, about 1 or 2 inches inside on the upper wall. Location of the G spot Now, a man who is trying to discover how to make a woman come does not need to know all this, but it does help! Recent research suggests that the pudendal nerve and the pelvic nerve complex both play a role in orgasm. When you are a man who successfully makes a woman come, you will observe these contractions. Real women orgasm tumblr

Real women orgasm tumblr

Real women orgasm tumblr

Real women orgasm tumblr

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