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Pack Shack has its rights, but don't be camera-shyPolice crack down on Harford 'adult bookstores'


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ADULT BOOK STORE?! (Hang With Shane : Day 117)

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Adult book stores in baltimore

County Solicitor Barbara M. The Pack Shack looks harmless enough when you step inside. Although a store that sells adult books, videos and other paraphernalia might disgust many in the Ellicott City area, it appears well within its rights. The videotape and recording of license plate numbers aim to embarrass the Pack Shack's patrons and drive the store out of business by the end of summer. Members of the Bush River Community Council "appreciate" the crackdown on the illegal practices, but ultimately would like to see the establishments penalized or shut down, if they repeatedly violate the law, Paff said. The Howard law office's opinion suggests that the county might prohibit adult stores near schools or other areas that might affect children. A Pack Shack employee contends that the campaign has backfired. But cheap romance turns to cheap thrills in the store's adults-only section -- the only part getting attention from customers. Adult book stores in baltimore

Adult book stores in baltimore

Adult book stores in baltimore

Adult book stores in baltimore

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