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Search Spain's news in English9 things you’ll love about dating the Spanish way


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How NOT to Date - SPAIN (Valencia)

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Dating in spanish culture

Slow dating The old-fashioned way — the nightlife scene or through friends and colleagues — is arguably one of the best ways to meet someone in Spain, as explained by these lucky-in-love expats: Look for the ring indentation on their right hand. Bumble is less popular, but the app is gaining traction in Spain. The most popular one is Tinder, as in many countries, but the way people use it is slightly different than in the UK or the US where it is mostly used for one-night stands. Perhaps these expat dating stories sound familiar, but the dating game in Spain may be a little different — at least, according to the panel of expats who have dated in Spain. And, of course, she never gets close to the juicer, in case it bites. Dating in spanish culture

Dating in spanish culture

Dating in spanish culture

Dating in spanish culture

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  1. After a few hours of discussing basketball with his athlete friend and politics of succession with his zealously-Catalan buddy, I was officially accepted. When it comes to who pays, I have seen both ends of the spectrum from the stingiest to the most generous.

  2. Rose, an expat from the United States: In Spain, I felt like it was separate but equal though I guess some people would say there is no such thing.

  3. I think this has something to do with Americans moving away usually for college at 18 years old, forcing them to learn how to turn on the washing machine, boil water, buy toilet paper, etc. Plus you can weed out weirdos before you actually meet.

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