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Morning Migraine Again? 7 Tips to Wake Pain-Free6 Causes of Morning Headaches


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Why do I have a headache when I wake up in the morning ? - Best Health FAQ Channel

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Headache on waking up every morning

Waking up to a dull, pulsating pain in your temple is hardly the way that you want to start your day. Finally, doing nothing almost guarantees history is going to repeat itself. Bruxism Bruxism may lead to sleep problems, contributing to morning headaches. Normal sleep periods seven to eight hours were associated with the least headache. Headache on waking up every morning

Headache on waking up every morning

Headache on waking up every morning

Headache on waking up every morning

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  1. Overnight testing may be needed to confirm the diagnosis. Delaying morning consumption by even an hour can be a trigger too. Healthy Sleep Habits Regular restful sleep improves headache.

  2. Tooth Grinding Also known as bruxism, clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth during the night can lead to waking up with an aching head. Finding the right pillow may take some trial and error.

  3. Therefore, not enough or poor quality sleep increases the odds for headache and mood change. Mold in the bedroom from the roof, floor or other damp areas could also lead to a range of symptoms including headaches although there is a lack of scientific evidence supporting this theory. Some healthcare professionals may recommend nutrient supplements, such as pharmaceutical grade L-tryptophan, 5-HTP, or melatonin to promote sleep.

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