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Angela Stanton and Kandi talk about Phaedra suing her

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Who wrote a book about phaedra parks

On Monday, June 1, the court entered an order dismissing Ms. So, the case is now resolved and will not go to trial. Last year, after a judge finally threw out Stanton's counterclaim suit, Parks agreed to drop her defamation suit as well with prejudice. Some of the claims that Stanton made about Phaedra in court , according to Radar Online, include that she and Phaedra allegedly conspired on "fraudulent bank accounts, insurance checks, fake IDs, chop shops, stolen cars, fraudulent titles, fraudulent registration cards," and that one specific scam they worked on together was "the purchasing of electronics, laptop computers, Palm Pilots, jewelry, DVD players, desktop computers. And according to what Stanton says in Kandi's video, Stanton can sell her book now because Phaedra has allegedly "forfeited her right to sue" over the claims inside. And I can say I truly believe her. Who wrote a book about phaedra parks

Who wrote a book about phaedra parks

Who wrote a book about phaedra parks

Who wrote a book about phaedra parks

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