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CLOSE UP S01E03 (vost-eng)

Video about up close anal penetration:

Up close anal penetration

Anal sex can also be performed with fingers or the tongue. A toy might be a good option, too, as you grow more comfortable with the sensation. Missionary can work, too, as long as you adjust the point of entry. So even just a little play can be a turn on. Can anal sex lead to orgasm? You just need to give this new sexual adventure a bit of planning and preparation. For some people, the anus is an erogenous zone. Up close anal penetration

Up close anal penetration

Up close anal penetration

Up close anal penetration

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  1. Surgical repair is necessary, so if you experience heavy rectal bleeding and abdominal pain following anal sex, see your doctor. Infections and diseases that are shared during sexual intercourse — such as HIV , gonorrhea , chlamydia , and herpes — can be shared through anal sex.

  2. This increases the likelihood of passing infections, viruses, or bacteria between partners.

  3. Safety during sex should be a top priority, but having fun is certainly important, too. In fact, anal sex is the sexual behavior for transmitting and getting HIV for both men and women. How to practice safe anal sex Anal sex can be a great way to have fun with your partner.

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