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Top 10 Best Anime Twins List [Number 7 is Creepy!]Each pair of anime twins in this list are truly two of a kind!


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KAWAII ANIME TWINS MOMENTS - Funny & Cute Compilation - いろんなアニメの双子シーン集

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Anime twins boy girl

There are models that are rumored to be special, having qualities that set them apart. Both the twins have a crush on the main character. No really, Japan's history with twins is rather brutal indeed. Both the twins are very supportive of each other and are desperate to take revenge against the upbringing. Both of them had a troubled childhood and were forced to murder other children. In spite of such ambitious dreams, he is very laid back and lazy. Anime twins boy girl

Anime twins boy girl

Anime twins boy girl

Anime twins boy girl

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  1. Though they share the same brown hair and eyes, their personalities could not be more different. Yukio, his twin, reveals that he already knows a great deal more than his sibling about exorcism and the ways of demons.

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