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Indymedia: 1000s Women Murdered For Snuff MoviesIndependent news email


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Basement Torture Killings (UK) - 2017.10.14 - "Abduction Torture Snuff Porn" @ T.O.S., Peer, Belgium

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Rape torture snuff

I honestly had no idea if I was supposed to laugh hysterically or if the film-makers and I use that term EXTREMELY loosely were trying to shock the audience with their juvenile and often both intentionally and unintentionally funny segments. The site also includes a message board, art and comix, and text stories. Not videotapes of the murders though — videotape of the victims while they were still alive. Likewise, anyone who claims to have participated in the making or distribution of a snuff film gets his day in the papers. Any man with human respect for women should be outraged! Femmes Obscure A high quality site devoted to stories by various authors with themes including sadism, horror, necrophilia, cannibalism, etc. What was what? Sam's Place Women getting killed -- and liking it, in fantasy photos and text. Rape torture snuff

Rape torture snuff

Rape torture snuff

Rape torture snuff

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  1. This assumption lies at the heart of the belief that the distribution network is in place. That applies to the snuff film industry as well.. Rape, torture and mutilation of fourteen year old girls appears to be the staple of the snuff film industry.

  2. The site includes stories and stills from mainstream movies in which women get killed. Numerous compilation films in which death scenes — both real and staged — exist.

  3. Naked Terror Pencil sketches by Wolf, in a style reminiscent of Dolcett. She was nude but nobody was fucking her. Even so, purists will tend to dismiss this footage because it does not conform to an overly-strict definition involving the necessity for a profit motive.

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