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Sexing Day-Old Chicks on Small and Backyard FlocksSexing Day-Old Chicks: How to Identify Pullets and Cockerels


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How to determine the sex of your duckling: Vent Sexing

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How do you sex hatchling chickens

When the vent is spread apart and the process revealed, the pullet's bump doesn't hold but fades away in seconds. The sorter must be firm and gentle simultaneously: The two chief methods of sexing chicks are feather sexing and vent sexing. It is the male that, genetically, determines the sex of the offspring. At hatch, male and female chicks are the same weight, and—except for the down color and feather length mentioned earlier—neither males nor females show any distinguishing secondary sexual characteristics. Next we need to understand that in avian species sex is not determined by the male, but by the female. In contrast, the typical female chick has a shallow depression — or just a trace of swelling — at the same site. How do you sex hatchling chickens

How do you sex hatchling chickens

How do you sex hatchling chickens

How do you sex hatchling chickens

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  1. When a non-barred male is crossed with a barred female, the resulting females will be non-barred like their father, while the resulting males will be barred like their mothers see Figure 3.

  2. Undoubtedly, though, vent sexing does take a knack. Some say that you can sex chickens by the shape of the eggs from which they'll hatch. Most breeds do not have this type of sex-linked characteristic, but crossing certain breeds can result in different feather characteristics for the offspring.

  3. When I'm done, the toilet paper goes in the wastepaper basket and I turn on the tub faucet and flush the rest of the droppings down the drain. As a novice chicken sexer myself, I find that the most difficult manipulation of the technique is evacuation of the chick with the left thumb.

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