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Types of BeveragesDeciphering Different Types of Espresso on a Coffeehouse Menu


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Coffee types explained

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Different types of espresso shots

Equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. Espresso with microfoam poured over it. Most of us here in the Beanery shy away from single origin espresso shots, as they tend to have peak-y flavor profiles that often don't work well with milk. I Matthew prefer a Macchiato, while Ryan is more of an Americano type of guy. Different types of espresso shots

Different types of espresso shots

Different types of espresso shots

Different types of espresso shots

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  1. Coffee has gotten an upgrade. In recent years, the increased availability of convenient counter-top fully automatic home espresso makers and pod-based espresso serving systems has increased the quantity of espresso consumed at home. The first Bezzera and Pavoni espresso machines in took 45 seconds to make a cup of coffee, one at a time, expressly for you.

  2. Delicious, and not overly sweet. Single Shot: The popularity of home espresso making parallels the increase of home coffee roasting.

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