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HOW TO TAKE CARE OF NATURAL HAIR7 Tips to Maintain, Grow, and Care for 4C hair


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How to take care of natural hair

There are some conditioners that can essentially patch split-ends and make them less visible, but over a period of time, those split-ends will reappear. Oils like coconut oil and olive oil, and creams like Shea butter are effective at sealing moisture in your hair. Hair breakage is the most common cause of hair loss. We also encourage you to leave comments on articles and respond to comments and questions from other naturals. The term conditioner is often used to describe many different things. Taking action is the best way to receive benefit from Curl Centric. Styling products dry out your hair, build up on your scalp, weigh down your hair, etc. How to take care of natural hair

How to take care of natural hair

How to take care of natural hair

How to take care of natural hair

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  1. To keep your hair healthy, make sure it always has enough moisture. When you create your initial natural hair regimen, begin by washing your hair once per week.

  2. Monthly Cleansing the hair and scalp using pure apple cider vinegar is a monthly thing. Our hair care method is based on a comprehensive blueprint for building a successful natural hair journey. Many naturals also rave about how great this product smells.

  3. This is extra important for 4C girls because the tight curl pattern of your hair can cause hairs to curl and coil around each other, causing tangles.

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